trent balduff inspecting hives

trent balduff inspecting hives


What is the Vision for T’s Bees?

During this present moment and for time to come, T’s Bees is striving to inspire environmental consciousness beyond the individuals who are a part of this organization’s community by promoting sustainability & environmental ethics.

How did T's Bees get started?

T's Bees started in the summer of 2017. The founder of this company, Trent Balduff, is passionate about protecting the environment. Outside of working as a wastewater treatment operator, actively picking up litter and recycling countless pounds of materials, Trent was looking for another outlet that would help make the Earth healthier. It did not take long for him to become interested in beekeeping. His sweet tooth may or may not have had anything to do with that. Soon after that, he took action by finding a beekeeping mentor and joining the local beekeeper’s association. Since then, T has been fortunate enough to start and maintain multiple colonies while meeting some incredible individuals.

What is T's Bees Mission?

T’s Bees believes that the best way to save the bees is to create more beekeepers. Through the Have A Hive™program and by educating others on how to keep their own bees, we look to provide value to everyone by making it easier to be a part of the solution. If the health and well-being of the environment is something that you are concerned about, it is strongly encouraged that you take a look at how you can personally make an impact. Simply click below to learn more.